Financial Planning

Why Magnifina?

(Analyze your Possibilities)

Analyze your possibilities – look at different scenarios – Possibilities in the future – crisis – crystal ball ?

Great Technology

Great technology – something tech – gears – FinTech

Coached Approach

Self service – coached approach – any client – we will hold their hand – sandbox, playground – hand shake, helping someone up

Navigate your Financial Future

Retire in Comfort

Retirement planning is more than simply managing an investment account. A robust plan should analyze pensions, life insurance, annuities, social security, real estate, and saving.

Saving up for Life’s Milestones

Spending today or saving for the future can be a difficult decision. We can help analyze different saving strategies. Common milestones include:

  • A memorable wedding
  • First home down payment
  • College tuition for children

[Smart Debt Strategies]

Getting out of debt is often a top financial priority. We can help analyze the benefits and drawbacks of the following strategies:

  • Avalanche: Repay debts with higher interest rates first
  • Snowball: Repay debts with lower balances first
  • Leverage: Pay only the minimum amount on low-interest debt as long as you expect to invest at a higher yield

Our Technology

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Automatic Import

Save time by linking your financial accounts. Our software will automatically import what it needs. No more data entry.

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