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New investors often use robo-advisors to manage their portfolios. Robos tend to target average market returns.

The sky’s the limit

  • Refers to account size, not performance. We do not make historical or future claims about performance.

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We know that traditional savings accounts no longer produce good returns. That’s why investing in securities is now the best way to prepare for the future.

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We have decades of experience

  • The Chief Investment Officer has been investing for over 20 years.

Retirement Accounts

You’ve heard the stories, and retirement really was simpler. Many companies provided a secure retirement for long-time employees, and Social Security would help take care of the rest. Nowadays, fewer jobs offer robust pensions as part of their benefits, and workers are more responsible for managing their own retirements.

These days we’re more likely to change jobs frequently than in the past.

Ethical Investing

It’s a new trend, also known as socially responsible investing, where a company’s impact on society is just as important as its bottom line.


Retirement Calculators

Most bank savings accounts currently return less than 1%

As of 2020, a portfolio of corporate bonds yields about 2%

A 50/50 blend of stocks and bonds may yield around 5%

The historical long-term return of stock market averages is about 8%

  • Bonds: as of 2020-10-30
  • Stocks:
  • Blend: from the estimates from bonds and stocks (above and below)

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In 2020, our clients had entrusted over $40 million with us.

AUM claims are based on sustained daily marks-to-market

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