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Inflation Watch 2021: 5 Ways to Protect Your Investment Portfolio from Rising Prices

“I’m always amazed how many people forget that ordinary stocks are an inflation hedge over the long-term. Spikes in inflation and interest rates can certainly harm stock returns in the short run, and many investors in the 70s remember this well. But stock shares represent a real and productive asset. If prices rise, so too should revenue.”

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The Rise of Meme Stocks

“Fraudsters may be emboldened to make false claims on anonymous internet forums,” Rogovy said. “I never fully trust any information that doesn’t come with a face and a name.”


March 2021

Should Stock Market Investors Worry About Inflation?

Asher Rogovy is the Chief Investment Officer at Magnifina, LLC, a New York-based investment advisor that takes a long-term view with their client’s portfolios. He explains rising inflation and equity price risk this way, “Inflation is when prices rise, and this includes asset prices. Over the long-term stock prices rise along with inflation, as do other investment assets. The key here is long-term, because inflation may cause short-term volatility in stock prices. Stock prices are sensitive to interest rates, which are affected by inflation expectations.” Rogovy further explains that this isn’t the 1970s economy, ”Anyone investing during the 1970s remembers the damage caused by the oil crisis. In this case, persistent inflation held stock prices down for a long time. However, today’s economy is structurally different. In the 1970s, many manufacturing stocks were hurt as the cost of energy rose which cut profit margins. Today’s service-based stocks are less sensitive to input prices.”

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